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Thread: Wildcat Predator 8

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    Wildcat Predator 8

    I have just been offered a second hand Wildcat moderator which appeared to be in very good condition etc.

    But on closer inspection adjacent to the 'NP' proof marks it was stamped .223. Am I right in suspecting that this moderator would be unsuitable for my .243??

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    There is one up for grabs on the M&S Auction page if you have your doubts.

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    Why not give Andrew a ring on 01527-832549 I'm sure he will give you the answer.

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    Thanks I'll ring him in the morning. If he gives the okay I should be re-zeroing in the afternoon

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    I've just called them up, if the moderator has an exit aperture of 7-7½mm then it is suitable for my .243, but of course has not been proofed for that calibre.

    So evidently the only way to tell is to go along with a ruler.

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    If you are a reloader or know one, get a couple of loose bullets and drop down the aperture. if they go, they can, if they don't, don't.
    much more reliable than a ruler.
    Don't forget it's the aperture inside the moderator you need to measure, the stainless steel bit, not the aperture at the exit end.

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    I had this problem with my t8 to check the size I used a box of metal work drills which move up in 0.5mm steps just slide one in till you get a good fit (as the actress said to the bishop). Out of interest my t8 would only go up to .243 and I have a wildcat on my .270


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    Well I went and had another look at it, ruler in hand. The dimension of the exit aperture was ~7.5 mm and it was the same through the baffles, so I bought it.

    Took it down to the farm, set up a target at approx 100m, loaded up a single round and fired a sighter. The good news was that I did not launch something resembling a baton round, and as it was the first time I had ever used a rifle with a moderator I was suitably impressed with both the sound reduction and the recoil reduction...

    But, as put a few more rounds through it my normal quite poor grouping degenerated into quite appalling grouping, I would be lucky to hit a 6" circle consistently. My brother was with me and fired just two shots, both into the 2" bull and declared that there was nowt wrong with the set up and had I considered taking up golf?

    Anyway I took the moderator off and shot an acceptable group with the next 3 shots and left it at that before I demolished what little bit of confidence I had left.

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    Fitting a moderator should improve your shooting, not make it worse! First thing to check might be that the mod is threaded the same as your muzzle. I don't use a Wildcat myself but if it is anything like the Reflex there is a plastic bushing at the lower (breech) end of the mod - on the Reflex this needs to be bored to fit your barrel for maximum efficiency and yours may need replacing with something more suitable. Time to visit a decent gunsmith, I suggest .......

    Also - if the mod is proofed & stamped for .223, I'd be very reluctant to put anything larger through it whatever people say!

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