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Thread: sika skins

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    sika skins

    anyone have any info on the supply of Sika skins, see a few as throws - looked good

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    I take it you mean you want one as a throw? I know Paul Taylor the taxidermist at Piddle Hinton Dorset may be able to help you. When I was at his a bit back he had some stunning skins, super soft. I think he had them done in Germany? But they may have been one offs for clients who had shot the beast. Look him up he is a top bloke.


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    I don't suppose you have Paul Taylor's contact details?
    I live in Dorset and have a Brother in Law who fabricates and builds yurts. Sika skins would be perfect as either throws or rugs etc.

    Best regards


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    I am getting a load of skins done Red and Sika. Will be ready in a couple of months. Professionally done and very supple. Contact me direct if intrested (and I am very close to Shaftesbury!)

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