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    Wink hello there

    greetings everyone from sunny northern ireland!.Just got my first centrefire-a tikka m595 in 22250 which i use for fox control mainly. thinking of getting a little tuning work done on it just wondered what like minded people thinks of this gun.i find it to be an accurate gun and would just like a second opinion on it .cheers

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    Loads of good stuff on this site to read.

    Guess the best person to ask would be the fox. If your happy with the performance and are getting consistant kills then thats all that matters.

    People I know who have them swear by them.

    Personally I prefer a .223 but if we all liked the same thing that make a day out to Bisley a bit dull eh!



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    The foxes round here arent that fussed on the tikka!.Havent found any problems with this rifle so far and have had good clean kills out to 170 yards so more than happy with her bar it having a fairly heavy trigger.

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