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Thread: Greatings from cornwall

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    Greatings from cornwall

    Just a quick intro,
    Been shooting for 35 years or so, Had an FAC for 10 years.
    I currently have a Russ Gall 6mmBR in an AICS stock and a Sako TRG 22 and a few others also...
    I enjoy a good stalk when I get the opportunity but I also enjoy varminting..



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    hi Martin
    welcome to the site.been here for about a year.plenty to read

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    Hi Matt, thanks for the welcome.

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    Welcome to the SD Martin. There are a few of us in Cornwall, which part of the county are you in?
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Hi Pete, Im in the Truro area...good to see a few of us on here...

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    hiya fella, only just joined my self!
    good to see theres a few cornishmen on here.......

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