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Thread: What would you change?

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    What would you change?

    Is there anything you would change in our sport??

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    If I could wave a magic wand of the Management of Deer it would be to remove the money element.

    A friend and I were discussing money and stalking we both were of the same opinion that too many times when commercialism has walked in the door ethics and deer welfare has gone out the window.

    In an Ideal world deer stalking would be let on the quality of the management plan and its effective execution not on the depth of the pockets.

    Alternatively to remove the antlers and tusks from male deer and this would probably negate that first wish as people would not pay silly money to shoot deer without getting trophy.

    How many times do you read about stalkers agonising over whether or not to shot a good stag or buck, how long do they consider whether or not to shoot a doe or a hind, I would suggest about as long as it takes to get the safety off.

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    Well said 300wsm - if only that dream could come true.

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    Pete I agree,

    But which is worse vermin or pound signs?

    I don't know the answer to that one.

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    A very interesting thread. Personally I would like to see more done to protect the land the deer inhabit. It seems that everywhere you look fields and woodlands are being riped out and replaced with 'Yuppee mansions and private villages' or massive warehouse complexs'.

    Its so sad!

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    Real simple this one!
    Adopt the Italian/New Zealand style of hunting.
    If you can get to it then you can shoot it!
    In Italy they have a simple solution, you can only walk on someones ground if you are carrying a gun,otherwise you are a trespasser.The only time you cannot shoot is when the land is owned by the government or the landowner puts up "vietato caccia", (no hunting)signs, but this then also precludes the landowner himself from shooting!
    I would also change the way democracy works!
    64 million people in the UK, if there is legislation that affects our rights then the we should expect that there are 64 million NO votes and only by the majority 32 million + votes would laws get changed.Lets face it if its important to the majority then let the majority vote, and lets not have a "he who shouts loudest" democracy...

    Lenin trotsky griff

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    This is not, in my opinion, as straightforward as it seems. I think that there are two distinct areas involved in the stalking, the private and the Government sectors.

    The private sector ranges from huge estates where your every wish is catered for, if you can afford it, to a small farm where some lucky person gets to cull the deer for free. So we have prices that vary from the astronomical to the free. Nothing wrong in that landowners have to have a return on their money, whether that is just keeping the deer damage down on their small farm or for paying the wages of stalkers etc on the big estates. I have no problem with this. If you can afford it and you enjoy it, go for it.

    Then we have the FC and the like, here they put the leases out for tender and guess what, the big money wins every time. Not only are some of these syndicates that win entirely unsuitable as stalkers, they never even go to the ground. This means that the FC and Co have to put their own stalkers in to cull the deer, and then charge the syndicate for doing it. It is a win, win situation for the Fc and Co, the syndicates don't really care and the poor bloody genuine stalker can't get a look in.

    Then there is the "must have" qualifications which are a lot of money for your average man. This is after all a hobby for a lot of people and comes a long way behind, the mortgage, food, clothes etc all essentials to put before a hobby.

    I think that there should be some sort of system in place that would relate to public land whereby a stalk or whatever could be purchased at a sensible price, or tenders put out to genuine stalking syndicates, who are capable and live close enough to do the job. I think that level 1 should be the minimum qualification necessary to allow any such stalking. I cannot understand how achieving a qualification that clearly states you have demonstrated a knowledge of skills in, Deer ecology, the law, stalking techniques, firearms safety, consistent accurate shooting, and meat hygiene etc, is alright but not good enough. I know that some of you will say that the level one is interesting but not really comprehensive enough ,but it is better than nothing. Also as good as level 2 may be how long before that is considered not enough. Training is a good thing but not if it is beyond the reach of the majority, trainig combined with experience is the thing that is needed, as in all aspects of life, so lets give the average stalker a chance without the poor bugger having to jump through more hoops than a circus dog.

    Well, that would be my opinion


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    Is there public land for hunting on in the UK?

    The sport needs more good hearted people like on this site who take newbies out and give them a taste of the sport.

    We live in a world driven by money. why should stalking be different

    It needs more "stalkers" to get of there arses in the winter and shoot more does and not be so fixated on bucks .

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