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Thread: sauer 202 bases and rings problems

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    sauer 202 bases and rings problems

    approx 6 months ago i bought a used but good condition sauer 202 in 6.5 x 55 , the rfd had a set of leupold rings and bases that he included with the rifle. The first day i attempted to zero the rifle with a proven swarovski 3-12x50 scope i ran into a few problems. i am confident the scope is ok as i have used it frequently on my 223 for foxes. with the target set out to 50 m the elevation wouldnt come up to within 4 inches of centre. we scratched our heads for a while and then thought that possibly the bases where back to front and tried the deeper back base on the front, this time the zero wouldnt come down to within 8" of centre. I packed up the gear and returned to the rfd for advice. A similar sauer in 243 was sold at the same time as mine and he thought that possibly two sets of bases had got mixed up. To get me up and running until he could check the rings he loaned me a complete set of warne mounts and bases. The rifle shoots great and zeroed fine with these bases.

    The only problem i now have is that the scope is zeroed at 100m and this only leaves me 17 clicks up from 0. There is plenty of adjustment lower left in the scope but i want to know if anyone else has a similar problem. I plan to travel over to WMS in april and would like to practise dailling up the scope at longer ranges as at the moment i basically run out of adjustment around 300m and then it is a case of holding over. The bases and mounts were unopened in the shop so they couldnt have been mixed up and the other owner of the 243 hasnt returned to the rfd to report a similar problem, with this in mind i am thinking the original bases may have been ok.

    any thoughts appreciated


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    I had the same problem with my 202, i had the Leupold QR Rings an Bases. First make sure you have them the right way round also CHECK the Screw lenght's as this turned out to be MY PROBLEM. My scope was also a Swaro. A pain in the Butt i know but without over screwing them i turned BOTH turrets in then counted them out to the Max then divided by half eg 100 turns so turned them in by 50 so NOW your scope Turrets should be Central. It worked for me, Good Luck

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    Hi Keith

    I have Leupold QD bases and rings on both of my Sauers (one with a Swarovski 8x56mm) and never had an issue with them. Ill check this PM to see which way round they are. My other thoughts are reference the rings you are using as they come in 3 sizes. Again I'll check the ring heights im using this PM as I have managed to get the Swarovski really close to the barrel and this always helps.



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    I am glad that I am not the only one that has had this problem. 3 'riflesmiths' looked at my rifle and did nothing. I bought the following rings with inserts and fixed the problem myself.

    Optically centre the scope as described above and use the inserts to centre the reticle. A scope aligner is very helpful when doing this.

    Good luck. JCS

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    Hi Keith

    Checked last night the deeper base is postioned furthest back, rings used are the 30mm high versions.
    Realised I might not suffer from your problem as I zero at 100 yds and use for woodland shooting so 175yd max shots. I guess the true centralisation of the scope comes in to effect as you look to extend outwards of 200yds.



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    Thanks for the Replies.

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    I have similar problems - ran out of elevation at 100 with my 202. I too have wondered about the bases, whcih way round should they be? I have Burris ones and the currently have the curved edge at the front of the front base and the rear of the rear base.

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