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Thread: Yet Another Newbie

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    Yet Another Newbie

    Afternoon all,

    I stumbled on this site a few months ago and Iíve found it very informative, with some good banter thrown into the mix. Iíve picked up lots of useful info already and I look forward to learning much more and hopefully contributing as and when Iím able.

    Now to the bit about me. I was brought up in the middle of no-where in the Scottish Borders and spent many happy years harassing the local vermin with various shotguns and rifles. I was introduced to deer stalking about 20 years ago and have largely stalked reds, up in the NW of Scotland. I tend to use my Tikka 243 for all my stalking.

    To be honest these days Iím happy just being out on the hill, stalking with like minded people and the chance of a shot at a beast is a nice bonus.

    Like many people, the job and family commitments now limit my shooting time to some extent, however I also do a wee bit of target shooting, just for fun, with my CZ 17hmr, CZ 22rf and the 243.

    Thatís it for now, all the best.


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    Welcome Haggis Hunter, with your CV you will enjoy logging onto this site. all the best and enjoy

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    Thanks Prometheus,

    I'm sure I will enjoy my time on here.

    I'm determined to learn more about reloading and ballistics this year, so expect to see/hear more of me!



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