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Thread: Wild Boar in West Sussex

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    Wild Boar in West Sussex

    Thought I would ask if any of you guys out there have heard of any Wild Boar being seen in West Sussex? In particular around the Horsham area.

    I know they have been sighted infrequently so I have been told near Midhurst, but wondered if anyone had heard of any appearing nearer to the Horsham area?

    Cheers chaps


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    I have some ground near Dial Post, never seen any and the landowner hasn't either. We are going down there in a few weeks so will keep a look out for signs that piggies have been around.
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    I havn't heard anything Malc Ive a pal who shoots a lot of land around the Midhurst area and just called him to ask ,He's never heard anything .
    Will keep you posted

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    You getting a taste for pigs Malcolm? I have them as far west as wadhurst .

    Atb Steve

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    +1 for Wadhurst, I know there are some East Sussex way, probably nearer Ethchingham.
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    Malc cant you just get a hold of two or three and then let them go i am sure there was a chap in scotland doing it and charging for the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Malc cant you just get a hold of two or three and then let them go i am sure there was a chap in scotland doing it and charging for the show.
    Errr no!! I assume you mean Carminnows ?

    Thanks for ther replies guys, just a matter iof interest thats all. It appears that the Boar in the Kent Sussex borders have had a bit of a hammering over the past year, mostly by poachers, and I read on the Web that the odd one has been seen in West Sussex, so thought I would ask.

    Keep well


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    Don't know about Horsham Malk but i am 100 % certain they have been shot in the Midhurst area

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    Had a Pm from another member of the site and reports that a first was taken in West Sussex near Midhurst, and also see on the web that there have been intermitent reports of Boar

    But unfortunatly none seen or reported near any areas I stalk at present they are near but near enough in Dorset where I also have a lease

    Oh well never mind, will have to hope that they find their way there one day.

    Thanks again for the info chaps.

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    This is as good a source of info on distribution as any and the owner of the site is a member of this forum.

    Wild Boar in Britain

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