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Thread: Really annoyed -

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    Really annoyed -

    I've had a quiet afternoon so i thought i'd catch up with a muntjac for the freezer, so I've been walking a peice of land I haven't been on for a while in such a way I push them to wooded area and a nice seat - which never fails. Except I've just gone to get in the seat and there's no sodding seat!!!!

    Being of a home made heavy wooden type I can only guess some idiot from Aylesbury has pinched it for firewood. So I'm currently sat in another seat where I've walked all the deer away from knowing at best I'll maybe see a fox....



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    Thieving gits. And here's me sat up a highseat waiting for a fox in a place where I'm more likely to see a munty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benc View Post
    Thieving gits. And here's me sat up a highseat waiting for a fox in a place where I'm more likely to see a munty!
    Thats cruel Whats it like stalking with a laptop


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    You still have light at half four?

    Its bloody dark here by then.

    Anyway, concentrate on the job in hand and put the phone back in the pocket next time. (on silent)
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    same here mate! some little ***** has nicked the ladder from my seat? so i now have a seat floating up a tree

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    I had a great steel one I made but someone last month thought it was a steal....and it went ((((

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    Makes me realise how lucky I am to live in what's virtually a zero crime area! Can leave a quad bike in a roadside field, keys and all, and come back for it next day!!!
    (Mind you, got no deer...)

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    Vss dont count your deer(chickens) your turn will come.few years ago I left my pickup by the roadside at 3am came back to it at 4.30am to find a sc***prising at the door with a bar when asked if he could run at 2600ft/sec from 100yds away he ran and must have taken a dive into a hedge becouse I never saw him again and I drove a half mile eachway along the road and checked every field.note I did not threaten him mearly asked a question.

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    Joys of an Iphone gents!

    I had light last night till quarter past five (well could see till then anyway) judging by the weather today, it'll be later if i was stalking!

    Saw nothing sat in the seat i ended up in, but it was no-surprise..


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    Barn Door and Horses and all, but theres a pice in this months Spoting Rifle on High Seat Security. Very Good.



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