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    Hi there

    This is my first post on any forum so I've a lot to learn. I live in NW Kent near the North Downs and the dreaded M25. Work in an office full time (worse luck) so I have to grab what time I can to get out in the country.

    I'm basically a townie born and bred who aspires to become a countryman. I enjoy just being outside, but find it even more enjoyable if I've got a shotgun under my arm or a rifle on my back. Been a shooter for 40 years and a hunter for maybe 20, I shoot shotgun and .22 rimfire regularly.

    I tried my first stalk about 18 months ago and was immediately hooked, even though I didn't fire a shot. Finally shot my first deer (roe doe) last November. Have since got a Tikka 6.5 x 55 bolt action and I'm sitting my DSC1 exam in a months time.

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    Hi Neil, lot's of good information on here. Have you been in touch with Cambell yet?

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    Hi Neil, good to see you on here. Looking forward to meeting you guys again in Feb for the DSCL1 course.



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