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Thread: Laying trails

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    Laying trails

    I had a couple of mate across from Norway over the weekend, one of them runs courses on tracking, as my mate and i are training our young dogs to track we took advantage and did a little brain picking.....
    A very interesting point he made was who laid the trail in regard to whos dog should work it,he recons if the handler knows where the trail is he/she is likley to guide the dog back on when it looses the scent,or just puts presure on the leash to slow him up a bit,he claims that the action may not be deliberate,but often subconciously. the person that laid the trail should be present to help guide the pupil if need be.
    I for one have been guilty of this crime

    Any thoughts or confessions


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    Nell i have also when training my old dog but luckie for me he new whats what and when the **** hit the fan for real the old fella done the job.

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