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Thread: T8 moderator, annoying "tinkle" / Moderator care?

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    T8 moderator, annoying "tinkle" / Moderator care?

    ...Well I was just about to say:

    I have an annoying something rattling around in my T8 mod. I have had it from new and after the first time I used it there has been something metallic tinkling around inside its large chamber. I have no idea what it is or how it got there! Any thoughts on how to get it out?

    Anyway, as I am sat here fiddling with it and furiously waving it around like I'm in a rave, out falls the offending article... A piece of MIG wire with a blob of weld stuck to the end! Nothing like good quality control eh.

    So more to the point, how can I best preserve my mod, obviously it cannot be opened, but would a good spray of gun cleaner or WD40 or something be useful to inhibit the inevitable corrosion? Any inventive ideas for cleaning?


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    Spay oil every now and then ps them t8 all have them bits of weld floating about from time to time just to get on your nerves

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinrs View Post
    So more to the point, how can I best preserve my mod, ......
    Martin. Given that in time they do rust at the welds, I would suggest trading it in for something more robust? Rgds JCS

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    I had the same problem, mine was quite a large chunk! Sent it back, it was replaced and the samething happened again. T8 mods may be good but they were never designed to last. Expensive throwaways!

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    why arent they TIG welded in stainless then?!
    that is shocking.

    even MIG welding with stainless wire would help if they are hell bent on cost savings. given teh application how can they send something out the door with anything potentially loose in the chamber.

    if that happened to be dangling in the way of the bore when you launch a 130gn bullet down it you would know about it!

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    In the country of origin they are classed as 'cheap throwaways' they are only expensive 'junk' when they reach this country.
    Having said that, I obtained one when they first came to this country and used it regularly for many years without problems.
    I still have it, but only use it infrequently, it is still as good (on the outside!) as when I got it.

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    I have had mine for ten years no problem,outside like new I just clean it with WD40 all the time.

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    To be fair, I can't really complain too much, it did come free with my .243

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    i am new to centrefire so excuse the dumb question. why cant these be cleaned? i have a third eye spartan mod and it can be stripped.

    is it best to leave a mod alone?

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    well designed mods should be strippable and stainless steel.
    these arent

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