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Thread: Remmy Sendero 25-06, 10 rnd box, + 4 rnd flush mag

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    Remmy Sendero 25-06, 10 rnd box, + 4 rnd flush mag

    Sendero 25-06, 26", Screwcut, 10rnd Box Mag SOLD . . SOLD . .SOLD . . Thanks guys

    As I have seen said before on this site, Just testing the water, my trusty Remington 700 Sendero in 25-06 has been gathering dust in the cabinet too long now, wheeled it out for a stint on the Red Hinds last month, had no complaints all 13 dropped in their tracks, its a bit heavy to lug about the hills though, so I have decided its time to go.

    26" Varmint Barrel, HS precision stock (alloy chassis), Timney fitted as standard,
    mods: Screwcut: M18 x 1, new Bottom Metal for removable 10 rnd Box Mag, additional 4 rnd Flush Mag.

    Real Tack Driver, loaded for accuracy not velocity (see previous post re: 25-06 loads, 42 gr of N140 with 100gr Bullet is a one-hole load !), less than 1,000 rnds fired, good foxing round, I tend use my 22-250 or 223 now.

    Asking 600, sent to your RFD, could do face to face within 50 miles of Wirral or further if I am passing, will be in Bedford early Feb for Munty and Fallow.

    thanks Guys
    FlyBoy 270
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    Any photos?

    How heavy is the rifle, I have a mate that might be interested.



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    Its about 8.5 lbs according to the Remington website, will post some pics to ad, I will just get it out of the box !

    Back in a bit
    cheers FlyBoy270

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    Thanks for that mate it looks a nice rifle, I have forward info' on to my mate.



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