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Thread: illuminated reicle or standard for deer at last light?

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    illuminated reicle or standard for deer at last light?

    How much longer shooting will an illuminated reticle give you over a non-illuminated reticle at last light on deer. Considering all things equal with the rest of the scope.

    The illuminated S&B 8x56 fixed scope is about £260 more than the standard reticle, is it worth it?

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    I would gauge the time in minutes.

    I recently tried an illuminated scope and although I was sceptical (Im not into all these fashionable "extras") but I was thoroughly IMPRESSED! Not that it gave me more time at dark but the way it guided you "on target" alot more naturally, its hard to explain but it makes a scope feel alot more user friendly.

    My next scope will be illuminated
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    It's not just last light. If you prefer a thin crosshair and set it upon a Sika in dark shade then the "dot" really does help. These reticles remember the last brightness you set them on. Some have Day & Night settings so you have two levels.


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    Hi Mel
    i have illuminated red dot on my top of the range zeiss ive had a good few deer i wouldnt
    have shot at without illuminated reticle but thats also down to good light gathering through
    the big lense ,my mate on one outing could hardly make out the animal and i could see it clearly
    and with red dot bumped it off no probs i dont fire unless im sure and take no chances

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    Thanks for the advice guys. The S&B 8x56 with the L3 illuminated reticle is now ordered and will get put on the 25-06 T3 Lite that Santa brought me.

    All I have to do now is explain to the Mrs that her 'soft furnishings' budget is £800 less than she was expecting it to be

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    Remember 1 hour before and after last light! I tried one a few years back and when you looked through the scope it was great but when you looked away you could still see the reticule! I am sure they have improved dramatically.

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    Once you get your new S&B you will never go back to a non illuminated scope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Remember 1 hour before and after last light!
    Yes Sunrise an Sunsett and remember also NO artificial LIGHT to aid the SHOOTING OF DEER ????????? eeeeeerrrrm so by the letter of the Law even using one in a Dark Wood during Full Day light you would be breaking the Law???????? Before i get loads of Stick READ the Law, NO LAMPING (only with a License) NO NV NO ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING AID??????

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    The last poster STALKERBOYDY got there before me! I can recall all the "legal niceties" about using "mechanically propelled vehicles" in other forms of shooting etc. from years ago. I really wouldn't want to be the person that WILL EVENTUALLY be the "test case" in Court over this.

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    Not every deer instantly drops to shot. So, aside from the legality or not of an illuminated red dot scope for deer, if a responsible stalker do not have access to a dog to track/find deer how much reasonable light do you give yourself to find your deer in the evening? I would suggest a minimum of 1/2 an hour after the shot for bushy terrain, plantations and standing crops -flat grass fields with a torch are relatively easy.

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