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    hello everyone. my names dan and live in brighton.
    ive been shooting for 32yrs but am new to stalking. i lived in darwin australia for 9 yrs and shot mainly wild boar and magpie geese. now back in blighty and looking forward to my first deer.
    ive got a couple of golf courses to hunt and would live to lease some land for rough shooting and or stalking.
    what a top site this is!! loads of knowledge and experience and friendly to boot!
    any advice,tips and banter welcome. regards dqan

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    welcome mate

    welcome aboard mate. it's good to have you here.

    swampy steve

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    Welcome Big Dan,

    Thank you for your kind words regarding the site. I truly hope we can be of service to you.

    Kindest Regards Steve.F (Admin)

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    thanks fellas ,
    look forward to chatting soon.

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    Welcome to the site bigdan matey.


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    Hi BigDan, Welcome to the site. Your are not far away from me so keep posting and let everyone get to know you. We might then see what we can do about that first deer situation!

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    welcome to the site Bigdan
    should be good to hear about a few of your adventures from down under

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    Welcome Bigdan.

    If you are from the top end you must be able to do that Crocodile Dundee thing and put Water Buffs into a coma by whistling at them? Maybe you would share the secret and we could see if it works on deer in the UK!

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    welcome aboard. hope you get as much out of this site as i have.

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    thanks very much for the welcome everyone!!

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