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Thread: get the jab

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    get the jab

    Not a topic about deer stalking at all, but bear with me. If you or your family members are vulnerable or have some health issues please do get, or get them to have the swine flu jab. As I work within the Ambulance service supporting their comm's systems, I know we are again expecting another flu epidemic, because it didn't happen last year, many people are ignoring the need for vaccination. Last Friday, my ex business partner's daughter, my goddaughter buried her daughter of just under 3 years old, it was a heartrending experiance that no one should have to bear, and one that I hope I never have to attend again. deerwarden

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    Tragic news..........So sorry to hear that.

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    My Heart goes out too you

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    Heart felt sympathies to the family etc

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    Sorry for your loss, that's tragic news. I had the flu jab in October as did my mother.

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    Deerwarden - sorry to hear that bad news.

    I would definitely second your call that people should get the immunisation. My wife has had the flu for the last 8 days and it's a really bad strain that's absolutely flattened her.



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    Please accept the condolences of the admin team, loosing ones child must be about the worse thing that can happen to anyone.

    I had the flu before christmas and it has taken nearly 7 weeks to get over it with a course of antibiotics as well. I have never been as ill for so long ever, it certainly is good advice to get the jab.
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    Awefull news that deerwarden life throws some nasty punches at times, please convey my heartfelt feelings to the family who i know will be hit hard by such a loss.

    I too am up to date with my flue jabs like Flytie had mine done in October

    Such sad news
    Kind Regards

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    Sad news.

    Ive just finished a 3 month course of antibiotics so Im guessing I wont have much of an immune system left.

    Must get myself to the quacks
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    I am a GP and my advice is if you offered the jab next year (i.e if you are a member of a 'at risk group'), take it. In my experience, in Swansea ,it has really floored patients for 2 weeks. My partners & I were vaccinated & none of us went off sick but the two main hospitals in Swansea were incapacitated by staff sickness.

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