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    Brass length


    I have bought some brass and had some new brass given, 7mm08 to be precise. I bought nosler custom and the other brass is RP. All cases measure 2.015'' long as new cases..

    Not only in my reloading book but also the lee die instructions and also the case trimmer all say that 7mm08 cases should be 2.035''. Even after being reloaded twice, cases are still measuring less than 2.035'', more like 2.025''. Thus, no brass is trimmed from the case as the trimmer trims to 2.035''.

    The reason i bring this up is because all this brass is longer than the 2.015'' but not long enough to trim it to a uniform length. Most cases are +/- 5 thou. and around 2.025''.

    Obviously all this new brass has been trimmed to 2.015'' as thats what a .308 case is supposed to be.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Im hoping that after a few more reloads, they will make the 2.035'' and all be trimmed to maintain this uniform length.

    I know im being anal and that the old cliche will come up ''the deer wont mind...'' but were all striving for perfection and it just seems like an anomaly, just wondered what people thought..

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    Trim them all to match your shortest case and don't worry about it. Or just do as you seem to be planning to do and wait for them to "grow" before trimming them. It's more the consistency that matters rather than them all being the "proper" length (within reason). I have often found new cases to be a bit on the short side, whether it be for 303, 243 or 308.
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    ff. The Hornady reloading manual says max case length 2.035 inches and case trim length 2.025 inches which is exactly the same as the 260 Rem. I trim my 260 cases to 2.027 inches. My view is that consistent trim length will make a small contribution to consistent neck tension. I still notice the odd case that doesn't trim and I will measure it to check it. Typically it might be 2.025 or similar. I use the Hornady case trimmer.

    Rgds JCS

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    If your using the Lee trimmer stud then you would have to carefully grind 0.010" off the pin so you can clean up your cases. Otherwise use an adjustable trimmer such as the Lyman Universal.

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    It is the lee trimmer and stud i have, and have thought of doing just that. JCS, hear what your saying but the trimmer trims to 2.035'', wonder why they dont make them to trim to 2.025''.. Hmm, well anyways its nothing for me to worry about, just an anomaly..

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    ff. It's an odd one. Both the Hornady and Speer manual's say trim to 2.025, but the Lee manual only notes the case length of 2.035. It's certainly an important dimension to get right as I watched a guy blow two primers out of the pockets of overlength .243 cases and then asked him to cease fire. At the time we didn't know this was the issue, but that was the explanation that emerged later.

    Regards JCS

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