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Thread: Fox Lamping Kit?

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    Fox Lamping Kit?

    Dear All, I have just been offered the foxing on 2 farms and a (plant) nursery, for which I get to take the occasional deer. Unfortunately I have to do this on my own, not with the chap I normally fox with. It's something in the past between him and one of the farmers.

    Anyhow, I need to buy a lamping kit on a budget. It needs to be light enough to be carried in a rucksack and used by me in conjunction with the rifle. What would you recommend me to try?

    I have looked at the Cluson kits, but are there any better for the price?

    Any help gratefully recieved!

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    Hi Flytie
    I do quite a bit of lamping by myself, It takes time to get use-to it but does work.
    Unfortunately a light weight kit is a must. The battery will have a price tag on it, Not cheap.
    You could try one of the mountable torches about 120 i think you get about 3 hours out of it, Got one on my shopping list this summer.
    best of luck.
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    The Deben tri star pro LED with a Lithium battery is the bee's knees. Lightweight( the whole unit weighs less than a scope), will illuminate foxes eyes out to 300m & allow body shots out to 200M (with my Z6i 2-12 X50 Swaroski). It is pre focused, no bulbs to blow. I have lamped for 2 weeks without having to recharge the battery. Debens are sound to deal with, warranty(not that I have ever had to use this facility, answering phones, anxillary kit, advice etc.
    I can ony fault it in that its white light is a bit too vulpine retina searing, but there is a dimmer which alows you to to reduce the intensity to that of a wrist watch illumination. The filters are clip on and a bit like clip on bow ties are not class as they get knocked off.
    It is like using a moderator, once you have used one you will not go back to halogen.

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    A fox shooting friend of mine has started using a Tracer Ledray 700 Tactical.
    This little light has unbelievable power, and is ideal for the one man operator.

    Rgds. Buck.
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    Flyt, I have lamped foxes on my own for over twenty years, the only problem I ever encountered was flashback, from the lamplight reflected into the scope from anything forward of the objective lens, this can be totally eliminated by fitting the appropriate sized lightweight plastic tubing, over the objective bell, stretching forward onto the moderator, way back it was a lead acid wet battery, (lots of ruined Barbours!), now you can get super lightweight Lithium- Ion jobs, relatively expensive when set against wet acid or gel batteries, but well worth the outlay, the best plastic tubing I have found is the stuff that fishing rods are shipped in. Steve.
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    i use a shootalite and lithium battery. Highseats morning and evening are good too

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    Either Cluson Shootalite or the Deben Tri-Star are probably the best bet, The Tri-Star as had already been said is really a very good piece of kit. Small lightweight and efficient.
    But oh how I long for those good old days of 12 volt lead acid batts with a car leadlamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am on a tight budget, so it looks like the Cluson to me! The Cluson's come out about 75 less than the Deben's.

    Thank you all for your advice, it is very much appreciated. As for the old battery's, I remember the smell of the acid, and therefore rotting clothing, all too well.

    Old Keeper, your hide must be tough!

    Nice tip about the tubing Steve, thank you. I have got some matt black tape that will have to do for the moment though.

    Kind regards to you all, Simon
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    ...not a suggestion for your 'rucksack requirements' but a thumbs-up for Cluson kit.

    I bought a lamp plus vehicle suction mount plus battery, plus scope mount plus filter bundle at the Midland last year for foxing/rabbits. (Think it was just over 100 quid?? )

    This setup gets used in the truck - slide the sunroof back a few inches, stick the suction mount onto the glass sunroof, and presto-hey, roof-mounted lamp, no drilling, solo operation without freezing your hands out of an open window.

    Anyway - the Cluson lamp is bob on, plenty of illumination even with the amber filter on, light, seems pretty robust - so far, so good.


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    Simon, I concur with either Cluson Blazer or Lightforce Striker (both scope mounted) as excellent tools - but overall bulk remains an issue. Understanding that budget is (always) a constraint, I would however also recommend that you try an LED torch too. Prices have come down dramatically, and while the 'specialist' ones such as the Clulite Masterlite, Tiablo A10-G, Fenix etc. are still in the 120 bracket, you can get remarkable performance for your money. I use an Ultrafire C8 CREE XP-G R5 which produces 345 Lumen (a more useful measure than candle power) of very focussed light and is more than capable of ID and shooting in excess of 200 yds - for less than 50 - in some instances much less for something that fits in the palm of your hand. Fleabay should yield a Gen-1 CREE torch (so the XR-E Q5 LED) at similar lumen output for 20 with batteries, 25 with a figure of eight scope mount. Got to be worth a go. Sorry for the tech talk, but the type of LED is important. Worst case you have a capable 'pick-up' torch. If you do try one of these, go for a larger diameter head (40mm), with a deep head and smooth (not dimpled) reflector (sharper focussed beam with less spill). I am sure you won't be disappointed.
    PM me if you want pointing to a specific.


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