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Thread: Baiting with butcher left overs!

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    Baiting with butcher left overs!

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to know how effective baiting foxes with butcher left overs scattered around the field would be? Will it bring many foxes into the kill zone? Just baited the ground for the second night on the trot, looking to bait tomorrow night as well then see whats about on Thursday night. Been out with Tony (from this site) he suggested it may help round them up in the area. If you have some experience with this then please share your views.



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    You would nearly need to wear plastic bags over your footwear and throw away gloves on your hands, howevers coming from a butchers shop it will have that butcher shop smell !!!
    I've tried rotten fish with some success, but they can be very nervous !

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    Bait boxes are the way forward. Scattered bait can be picked up by corvids ect.

    Hammer in some posts/pegs in a square layout (couple feet square) then wrap around with rabbit netting, put your scraps inside then place a piece of netting on top as a lid.

    If you can then do it near a hedge, the cover gives the fox some confidence.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I use bait which comprises of red deer offal.The sighting of it is crucial.Ipersonally like it in the open as i find if you put it near cover the bloody fox usually takes a morsel and goes into cover to eat.I know some lads who put wire through the jaw and tie the head to a post.I like DGs idea of rabbit netting. The bait certainly works here,probably helped by the fact we have no rabbits etc.
    Shot a vixen at a bait last night,she had been making a fool of me for about a week,until i put bait out.

    Good luck Hummel

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    i wouldnt use butchers waste because of the animal by products order , use wild game

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    gralloch is the finest bate, deer, rabbit whatever. I like the idea of bail box to prevent a steal, that's brill

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    You need to be very careful about baiting any wild animal, in many respects baiting into an area may be deemed to be illegal especially by introducing butchers meat; this is how swine fever was started in the early noughties. Seek advice from BASC on this issue, but if there is no stock under threat you can be on sticky ground; in your case literally!
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    I have used the remains of a roe (rib cage/spine) and peg it down with wire, in the time I did it it did not help. Bait box sounds very good. I have used with good effect a well dead smelly rabbit either pegged down or wrapped in chicken wire.

    In the past I have also used fish flavoured dry cat food scattered by a fox run in an attempt to stop them long enough for a shot, or keep them occupied on the back lawn whilst shooting them out of the bedroom window. with a .22lr.


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    Baiting an area is no different to creating a fox midden what gamekeepers use regularly, but with snares around the edges. I would agree no to use butchers waste but dead woodpigeons or badly shot pheasants, the type of stuff that a fox would normally find dead in the countryside, that`s what i would say.


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    Use a bucket with a good fitting lid, an old plastic panit tub etc, put all your hoffel in, let it fester. It keeps the land clean & you can move it around
    Not causing a problem for the land owner
    The fox love it..good luck

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