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    B d s

    are you a member of the B D S ? if so what section

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    North Yorkshire
    I was a member of the North West Branch but not now

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    i to was a member( of the midland branch)
    my subs are due now but i do not know if i should renew

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    Hi Poppins,
    As a novice stalker (1 x fallow doe & 1 x roe buck) i have found the BDS an invaluable source of info, having spoken to some of their "experts" at various shows and called them a couple of times for advice i have to say they have allways been keen to help and taken time to explain things on my level ( credit where its due)
    I'm in Kent and am about to do my DSC1 (march 15th-18th), Anybody else in the same boat want to meet to swot up and go through the pre course manual, or tutor me in the run up to the course i'd be greatfull for any help offered?
    Please PM me and i'll get in touch.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Mannlicher_Stu View Post
    I was a member of the North West Branch but not now
    Me too ! [ And one or two of my pals. ]

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    Strangley enough I am, you'd never guess from my I'd would you..I'm currently the vice chairman of west branch so have quite a bit to do with goings on. Also help with some parts of the DCS1 course our branch run at the royal agricultural college in Cirencester.

    Cheers Jon

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    Been a member of BDS Northern Ireland since 2001 and only got round to doing DSC1 Oct 2009! Got out on my first stalk 3 weeks ago! Paid my subs purely because I always wanted to get around to DSC1 but it tended to coincide with the academic year for a few post-grad courses I've done. Mates finally bought me the course for my 40th.
    I reckoned membership just kept another name on the sheet if the government antis came counting. Same reason I have a game license.

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    Yes, I'm a member. Wessex branch, though I haven't been to a branch meeting for some years. I'm only Wessex as the Chiltern branch closed down and I had to be somewhere. From where I am to Lyndhurst is too long a haul for one evening, otherwise I'd get more involved. Now if meetings were in Cirencester that would be a different matter

    I recently attended the BDS Deer Manager course which was excellent. I have no idea when my subs are due but I'll be renewing, as they remain the only organisation with deer and deer welfare at their core.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I was a member of the North East branch of the BDS - I didn't get on with the way it was run and left. They certainly didn't represent my interests (or that of the deer in my opinion) but I could be accused of sour grapes.
    I am a member of BASC and feel they are a much more pro-active organisation. They are not cheap but they are worth every penny.

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    Poppins are you a member ?
    I think every stalker interested in Deer and their welfare should be as willie_gunn said it is dedicated to deer not trying to be a cure all. It is made up of valunteers so your subs to not go to pay lots of wages. Yorks branch meeting next week AGM we have police wildlife officers talking of Rural Crime,

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