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    hello all,
    just got the variation on my ticket for a moderator on my 6.55 x55.
    does anyone know of a proper gunsmith fairly locally to sussex that can
    thread it and fit an after market trigger such as the timney. also has anyone got any preferences for fullbore mods?

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    Have a look through the 3 pages on the Equipment & Accessories Reviews on this Forum, lots of info regarding Moderators. Personal choice I suppose and how much you want to spend.

    Have a look here, you could get a bargain!!


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    I know a chap that is near Tunbridge Wells. He does a lot of work for a bg local gun shop but he also does my work privately. PM me if you are interested and I will dig out his number.

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    Chris Potter always cuts 'em straight and favours 1/2" 28 UNEF. I have 2 Reflex T8's and they are brilliant moderators.

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    chris potters.... never again

    My cousin and I went to potters and bought 2 x rifles and accessories value of over 1200. The shop would not throw in 100 .22 rf rounds. We had travelled a bit to get there and the staff didn't even make us a coffee.

    When i go to John Carr, near Thorne. he always makes coffee and will, if i take it, give my rifle a once over with his borescope. Sadly Ben (taffbagger) lives in Robertsbridge so he can't get to Johns regularly! I wouldn't go back to potters ever. but i would travel the extra miles from my place, (not robertsbridge), to go to John Carrs.


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    Swampy, I am surprised at the service you got at Potters. You must have caught them on a very off day.
    I know most of them in there and always get a cuppa. I always get a good deal on everything i need as well. If you are ever tempted to go there again, let me know and I will come in with you. Will get you a free box of subs and a cuppa!!

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    Also have a word with East Grinstead Guns, they do a good job....

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    east grinstead guns

    I know an experienced and very knowledgeable group member, uses east grinstead guns, his recommendation by patronnage would be my first choice

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    I was at the Eurosatory Defence show in Paris 2 weeks ago and got speaking to a lot of moderator manufacturers.

    Most hunting moderators are designed around the .308 bullet. In most the 6.5 x 55 will have a problem as the moderator was never designed for the longer bullet. A one design fits all / just change the calibre philosophy.

    Moderators that are designed for military/police use tend to have design variations that are specific to calibre.

    I use 156gr bullets in my 6.5 x 55 and you know that when competotors all point at the ASE UTRA Jet Z Compact as the one for the calibre it means something.

    Spoke with the manufacturer and this model in 6.5 x 55 has been designed to accomodate the longer bullet. Not so in their other models. All to do with timings between the gas expansion chambers as the bullet transits.


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    thanks very much for the replys chaps, and thats a very interesting point smullery about the longer 6.5s . ill have a look at the reviews for the compact .ta.

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