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Thread: Goodbye

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    I have just returned home after putting one of my dogs to sleep.

    She was 14 years old and it was her time. It still does not get any easier.

    I bred her from a lovely bitch I had that was herself sired by Shadowbrae Drake the year after he won the Retriever Championship. She was one of only 4 in the litter and I kept her and another bitch that turned out to be one of the best I have ever had. She now stands in the run wondering where her companion is.

    They have never been apart since the day they were born, and if my wife had not been here this morning to talk me out of it she may well still be with her litter sister, as the heartbreak caused of putting one down is now almost overtaken by her surviving sisters loneliness.

    The act of putting my dogs to sleep reduces me to an emotional wreck. She sat with me in the front of the pick-up for the first time ever because it just did not seem right for her to be in the back on her own for her final journey. To feel her nose nudge my hand and see her eyes still look at me with such adoration, as if comforting me yet not knowing what is about to happen....

    Her last sight was fittingly of the ground she knew, worked and was trained on. She is now buried beside her mother and another of my dogs next to a duck pond on ground I shoot. Some may laugh but I silently speak to them whenever I'm there and I feel like they have never left.

    For her to collapse at her back-end out the blue last night would suggest that she has been carrying pain for some time and never showed it which was typical of her character.

    Her tail wagged until the very end.

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    Thanks for that it brought a tear to my eye it brought back memories of the kind friend who was by my side for many years.


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    My thoughts are with you enjoy the memories of a true companion.

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    Its a pain probably most of us on this site will have at sometime or other. I have been there myself and expect to be again in the not too distant future with a bitch that is now 14+. My heart goes out to you especially as you still have her sister. Just remember how luck you were to have such a loyal companion for so long and that it was her time and you did the right thing for her.

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    Saddened to hear of your loss, went through the same in October so understand how you are feeling, regards....callie

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    Been there myself with one of my dogs, the memories you have of her will make up for your sad loss

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    Never ever easy, the day comes when Todd leaves me will be a dark day for me, it will break me no doubt of that.

    Nothing wrong with talking to them mate even though she is not with you now, we all do it if we are man enough to admit it.

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    Feel for you mate and while they are with you .you take them for granted. But the day you need to put a gun to there head or a needle in there thigh nothing is taken for granted. I have my old dogs in fitting places and some times i give the place a wide birth but the memories pour back when i pass them.

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    Jamross - I'm so very-very sorry. The paradox of a hunting life strikes again - love and death. Dogs take such a lump out of our lives. I am not ashamed to say that I have always dealt with my own dogs, that the tail wags are ever there - that the tail wags continue after the deed because of the nervous system reacting, and that I've wept in isolation over all of them as I make sure that I can do it alone. All of my dogs have little headstones which I make myself and are laid flat on their graves in special places.

    My old head stalker asked me to deal with his favourite old collie dog as he just could not face it. I sent her to sleep and buried her on a rocky ridge separating upper and lower Corrie na Ba with a high view of the Kishorn bay and Southwards, then chiselled her name on the bedrock beside her.
    That doggie has a better place than I'll have, and well deserved too ! If nothing else - this is the common factor for us all.
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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