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    night vision

    I was wondering if anybody out there has come across with using the yukon vrs-f tactical 2.5x50 weapon scope for foxing at all before i go out and buy one and are they good enough for the job many thanks.

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    Hi Foxman,

    I haven't used one of these, but I do use NV. What I would say is that Gen 1 is capable of doing the job to 200 yards, providing you have a good IR source - and on the whole most in built units are not good enough. However I think the biggest shortcoming of this unit is magnification.
    Compare it to the ATN Aries 390 or 410 at equivalent cost with twice the magnification - and the IR looks like it will do the job as it's a separate unit (on the one I'm looking at). 4x or 5x is still not that much mag though....

    Are you going to have a dedicated rifle for your NV or are you happy to do the constant re-zeroing that comes with swapping on and off?

    I chose to go the add on route - a Cobra Merlin. It's about the same cost and has three main benefits for me. (1) I can put it on any rifle at whim (takes 5 secs); (2) No re-zeroing as you're using your day scope; and (3) because you are using your day scope, you have all the mag you would normally have.
    On the downside (and for me these are reasonable compromises), you are set back on your stock because of the attachment and you need a parallax adjustable scope to put it on.
    Certainly worth thinking about as an option before you part with hard earned. Yukon do a version too, but I rated this one better.

    I'm not a million miles from you - if you want to have a try, PM me and we'll see what we can sort.

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    Also looking at an add on for my day scope........anyone experience of the ND3 Laser Genetics for fox & bunnies?

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