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Thread: Haygarth or Voere?

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    Haygarth or Voere?

    I have submitted an application for a 7x57 for general deer use, some woodland roe deer and some highland reds.

    I had been thinking of ordering a Haygarth rifle, as I had read some excellent reviews and I had a long chat with Ross Haygath last summer, who seemed very friendly. The price also seems reasonable (1,500 on their website), in comparison to most of the better factory made rifles and whilst the order time is one year, I though that it would be worth waiting for something that will be good quality and last.

    However, I have also spoken to the importers of Voere rifles and a 2155 is only 850.

    Both rifles are based on reconditioned K98 actions with new barrels (Hayagarth uses Walther), stocks (Haygarth's are made to measure) and trigger units. One differance is that Haygarth rifles have bedded actions.

    Whilst I am very keen on saving money (and avoiding the epic journey to Wick), I have heard mixed reports of the newer Austrian made Voere rifles.

    Does anyone have any experience of either makers?

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    The father Colin was a very good gunsmith, some of the woodwork he did was pure art ! I've had stock work done by him, however that was several years ago. There is an airport at Wick of course.
    Let me know if I can help as I live in Caithness.

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    Thank you, that is very kind. The journey isn't too much of a factor, I was planning a holiday in Sutherland later this year anyway.

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    What I was trying to get at with the thread is if it is worth the extra 650 (plus travel) for a bedded action, walther barrel and custom stock. I have never handled either rifle, but any thoughts or advice would be greatfully recived.

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    Only you can decide. But "custom" or "bespoke" stocks are all well and good...but will it fit the person you want to gift it to such as children or sell it too? And as you are using a 'scope and presumably not close range running shots with iron sight does it matter if it isn't bespoken to you?

    One other word of advice. If a custom stock isn't "straight back" in terms of the cast (side to side) on a hard recoiling rifle it may well give you a belt on the cheek like ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

    Do I think it worth the extra 650? No I don't. Goodness you could buy a decent secondhand rifle, as a "back up", for that and STILL have change towards a quality 'scope!
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    Having a rifle built for you must be one of lifes real pleasures. At the very least the stock should be long enough for you and the comb the correct height for your face. You should also be able to dictate the choice of wood and how the rifle is built. Yes it's a bit more money, but spread that out over a lifetime (or several if you pass it down) it is not that much more.

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    Thanks for your thoughts. Will having the action bedded make a great deal of differance to accuracy and does a Walther barrel offer much more than a Voere barrel?

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    Steve, I have just had a look at Haygarth's web-site and they do look lovely traditional rifles. I would doubt that they would shoot better than my Sako 75, or some of the other rifles on offer at the moment. But for 1,500 it seems good money. If you read their blurb you will see that they are glass bedded actions with a supported barrel. This seems to be like the old pressure bedding found on "best" rifles. They do not show any shot targets so it is difficult to know how they shoot.

    If you consider any of the extras on offer you soon get into semi-custom rifle money, where it might be better to buy a Sako 75 or Tikka 595/695 and to have it customised by Anglo, Brock & Norris or Steve Kershaw etc. etc. At least you will know then it will shoot ragged holes and you will get load development information for it.

    Voere were exceptional rifles but have gone through a torrid time financially, they seem to be settled now and i hope quality has improved.

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    I think Simon makes some good points. I looked at the website also. The 1500 is a pretty basic rifle, if you add a few extra's like rosewood tips and upgrade the wood a little, you will be over 2K in short order. Having said that, you will have a very nice traditional stalking rifle that I would be very happy to own. A pillar bedded action with a forend pressure point should shoot very well with a good barrel.

    The other option is to go for a Sako or whatever action, and have one of the good 'smiths out there do his thing with with a stainless quality barrel, McMillan stock etc.

    The cost will work out similar and residual / resale value will be of a similar level.

    You money and your choice. I would like one of each....

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    I had noticed that the price can accelerate quickly, so was thinking of just the basic model, although still am very tempted by the Voere, particularly the low price

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