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Thread: Minox Optics

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    Minox Optics

    Can anyone please give me some advice on Minox binos? I am looking at maybe buying a set in 8 or 10 power. Need your views on wieght,build,light gathering and does the QCF range system work?? and any ideas of where the best deals are at moment?


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    I recently bought a pair of binos from Minox's budget range as a spare set to have in the car or when I don't have my good pair. 8x42 169, bargain. I have heard reports that cheap Minoxes underperform in low light, however I used them a couple of times roe stalking early in the morning at Christmas and was pleasantly suprised by them. I have not done a direct comparison with my Leicas but they certainly punch above their weight for this price. Minox do sell other more expensive pairs which I have not used so cannot really comment on them. Lots of people on this site write favourably about Minox so hopefully someone will help you here?

    Link to where I bought mine:

    I hope this helps?

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    A friend picked up my Leupold wind Rivers and left his Minox by accident so I have been using a brand new set of these for the last few weeks and for the money you cant go wrong I recon the Leupolds are a bit more ergenomic and only slightly better opticaly but for 100 less you would expect them not to be quite as good but only a fag packet spliting them.


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    I use a pair of Minox BV 8x42 BR's picked up off E-Bay for 156, great optics.

    Two of the deals to be had today.

    MINOX Binoculars BV 8x42 BR + NEW + Waterproof + on eBay (end time 26-Jan-11 13:55:02 GMT)

    MINOX BF 10x42 BR BLACK SPECIAL ONLY £129.95 on eBay (end time 22-Jan-11 12:37:53 GMT)

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    I've got a pair of Minox 7x42s and a minox scope and have to say i am very pleased with them both, Very good optics and well made. I don't think you can go far wrong with them.

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    Thanks for your replies gents..these are the ones I found that looked interesting, not seen done a price search yet though...anyone any experience in using these models?

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    Thanks for your replies gents....I have a a pair of Minox HG 10 x 52s in the post.

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    Anyone out there want any more of the hg model 8.5X52 have them for 530 delivered

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmbeatle View Post
    Anyone out there want any more of the hg model 8.5X52 have them for 530 delivered
    are they the new ones which are made in Germany and have slightly better eye relief?

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    Thats a good price..., how much do you do the 10x52s for incase my mate wants a set?

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