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Thread: Photos being used.

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    Photos being used.

    It sounds like a photo of me (I havent seen the mag but apparently its me) has been used in one of the popular shooting magazines. Shouldnt I have been contacted? Or is it a bit of a free for all?
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    I think they should have a Model Release with your signature on it, if it's recognisably you! If not.....

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    No, the image belongs to who ever took it. They can sell it to what ever publication they write for, although pics can be submitted to more than one publication, and payed for as and when they appear. The magazine probably hasn't been granted exclusive rights, so the photographer can use it again elsewhere.
    I often submit pictures that have people in them to illustrate my magazine articles. Generally folk are delighted to see themselves in print! However, if the pic had the potential to be at all embarassing or anything like that then common courtesy dictates that the subject is consulted.
    Really it's no different to posting pics up on a forum or something like that.

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    I have had the same thing happen to me mate,a Game fair in Ireland had a banner that I made up of my dogs and ferts as the headline for their advertisements and programme.I never worried about it though,I just took it as flattery to be honest,but,saying that people do pay a lot of money for the use of photo's.


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