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Thread: help required

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    help required

    Hi All,
    Not stalking related,but here goes,I am about to order a calibrated/certified thermometer,trouble is the company will only send to company,not a member of the public.

    I wonder if some kind person would,let me have it sent to their company and I would forward the cost to you including any postage etc.

    I should add that,my other great passion apart from stalking is flying and breeding peregrine falcons,any help greatly apprieciated, Regards Tony.

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    if its going to be delivered in the next week or so you could get it sent to me at RAF Cosford - then collect it if you want....

    It would need to be before the 26th though as im moving house!!

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    Thanks Jordang,but the trouble is they will invoice the "company" its going to.I will forward the monies before the package arrives,not sure if Raf is a registered company,??Thank you for reply Tone.

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    no worries then mate, if only things were simple eh!!

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    If it helps you can get it sent to me. Then I can forward it on

    Adam's Pest Control

    Not limited or VAT reg though just a sole trader

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    Yes mate apparently due to Eu regs they cannot sent mercury to a member of the public but can send to a company,silly when you can but a cheapo thermometer on ebay no sweat Cheers Tone.

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