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Thread: Insurance for dogs/pups

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    Insurance for dogs/pups

    Hi All,
    Lost my old boy of 14 in October and now have 2 terrierX pups, little beauties, and am looking for insurance, from the offset it seems that you are stymied by these insurance companies, won't insure gun dogs etc, will only insure until the first claim, the list goes on and on, can any one point me in the direction of a decent insurance company, cheers...callie

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    NFU, seems to be good and will insure working dogs. However you may need to have a major policy with them, we have house and horse. Very helpful not the cheapest but are reliable and do pay out if needed.

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    Cheers Michelle, will certainly have a looksee....callie

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    Don't try and do it online. You don't fit "the boxes". Use a broker that will negotiate cover with your needs in mind. Your cover will be written out exactly as you are requiring cover, not as a general brochure.


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    To be honest ive found them all to be a bit of a con job

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    Hi Callie

    Been looking at the NOBS website (National Organisation Of Beaters And Picker Ups) and they insure any type of gundog and terrier work, I think you have to become
    a member to gain the full benifit of the insurance. Thinking about it myself, Let me know if this helps

    Regards Luke

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    U can jist stick the 'x' ammount a month away for ur 2 dogs so if u need it it's there. can be a bit pricey insurance esp when u got multiple dogs esp if u don't need it. Wot sort off money is it, i think i was quoted something like 250 once, would that be right? is that the sort off money ur talking about, it son adds up over the years per dog. It's the chance u take, jist cross ur fingers don't need it.

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    What a damn minefield and outright con this insurance is, they certainly know how to fleece you, the more you look into the policies the less you get, one firm wanted 33 per dog per month, no life cover, no cover for shooting/working, just couldn't get my breath back. I think I'm going down Countrryboys lane and put some money to oneside for a rainy day that may never come, thanks everybody for your input it's much appreciated.....callie

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    Its not really like insurance, its more like a form of gambleing. The reason I insure my dogs is to put off the decision to you may have to make one day if your dog gets run over or something and the vet says 'we can pin both the broken legs and you'll have your best friend for another six years but it will cost 10,000 or we can put her to sleep now, what do you to do?'

    The idea of putting a few quid away each month is no a bad one but it will be a while before there's ten grand in the pot for the above senario.

    I now use NFU with the dogs added onto my home contents insurance. No problem with working dogs, no dealing with call centres in Bangladesh etc.

    I once used Direct line, won't bore you with the story but suffice to say, if I ever meet the people (sorry, scumbags) in thier claims dept in person I won't be responsible for my actions.


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    Crossbred terriers are pretty tough , i keep my terriers jabs up to date , keep some antibiotic pills and creams , a mag box , a staple gun and a heat lamp and my dogs see quite alot of work . Good food , good clean housing and plenty of exercise , you wont go far wrong

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