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Thread: Hi been a member since 2009 and haven't posted yet :D

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    Hi been a member since 2009 and haven't posted yet :D

    Hi joined in 2009 and haven't posted on here yet!

    I currently live in paisley and am very much into my stalking, passed DSC1 in 2008 and will be going for my level 2 soon. My time in the forces is due to end soon so i'll be on the lookout for a job too, quite fancy trying to work on an estate.


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    Lived in Paisley for more years than I care to remember. Don't remember seeing any deer there .Enjoy the forum and the level 2

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    Hi Daz,
    Are you the same person that had an AYA No 2 for sale on another site once at a very undervalued price because you were not aware of it's value.
    If not you it was another Scotsman with the same nickname.
    Regardless of the above, enjoy the site and share some of your experiences with us and enjoy ours too.
    Best wishes,

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    Yep that is me mate, was on the airgunbbs. Been a member on there since 2002. IIRC you pointed me in the right direction price wise!
    Thanks a lot for that mate as it sold through my RFD for 650


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    When I saw your post I guessed you didn't realise the value of what you had.
    I reckon the RFD had a bargain too at that price, he probably put another 200 on it when it went out of his door.

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    Yep you're probably right mate!
    Thanks for the help though or i would have sold it for peanuts, as i remember no one else had mentioned that it was vastly under priced!!


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