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Thread: American Marines Sniper Shot on 6 O'Clock news

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    American Marines Sniper Shot on 6 O'Clock news

    Did anyone see the American Sniper who shot an insurgent on the 6 o'clock news, the news crews were following them around and it showed you the sniper and his spotter take the shot and confirm the hit. What I am interested is the calibre, it was suppresed looked similar to a PES mod and had a PM2 ontop but what struck me was how quiet it was and it was a phut, the camera was only around 5 metres away and no wind so the sound was accurate. The shot was in excess of 500mtrs and large mag so a 30cal but so quiet!

    Dont follow this stuff and was having my tea at the time, but as said was very suprised at the noise reduction!


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    Didn't see it but it's possible the sound of the shot was 'clipped' by the sound recording equipment (e.g. to kep sound levels constant) so you wouldn't really be able to tell....


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    You'd need a good amount of 'hold over' with a subsonic load at that range, no matter what the calibre was!
    I reckon the sound equipment would have chopped the volume at a lower peak.
    Could also be military propaganda to convince the other side that we've got something to be worried about!
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    i watched program sometime back and it was on the US marine sniper, they did not use the .308 but were using either a 6mm or 6.5mm i cant remember the excact calibre but they went for the 6 / 6.5mm for better BC more accruacy and i believe more energy down range .

    hope this helps.....neil

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    I am fairly sure it was a McNight Armaments Rifle in .308 but I didn't pay that much atention.


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    Post production edit on the sound.


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    Here is the link I hope it works! They seem to be taking an aggressive policy and the burning of crops to prevent weapon hides sounds highly counter productive. They are welcome to Sangin though.

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    subsonic ammo i expect

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    Mmmmm! British Marines not allowed to be aggressive enough by their commanders. We there always has been an attitude of let them kill you before you try to kill them.


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    The link shows it as a Stoner SR-25 which is 7.62mm.
    See here:
    I very much doubt that they would be using subsonic rounds!

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