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Thread: Mannlicher 308 Stutzen -Full stock

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    Mannlicher 308 Stutzen -Full stock

    I've finally decided it's time to part with my trusty much loved 308 Mannlicher Stutzen - Model L, right handed. The only reason for doing this is to make space for a plastic handled Sauer 202 to use with a moderator.
    I bought the Stutzen years ago when it had only fired six rounds. Since then I think it's only had about 250 through it as I've always had other toys to play with.
    As far as condition goes it is mechanically perfect - just run in and in will shoot 1" groups at 100 yards with 150 grain bullets which it has always done when I've done my bit! I'm fairly sure I've still got the original Mannlicher zero target that it was supplied with when new.
    The stock has been oiled regularly so it's surprisingly waterproof! There are a couple of marks on the wood where I caught it on barbed wire etc , but nothing too untoward.
    The metalwork / blueing is unmarked apart from the end of the bolt handle which is burnished from the rifle being carried.
    The bore is fine and rifling sharp - been cleaned after each outing whether shot or not.
    I will be removing the scope and rings from the rifle to put on my 30-06, but have a pair of 30mm rings to go with it if required.
    Price for the rifle 650. Scope rings 50. Face to face prefered or RFD-RFD at cost.Attachment 4453Attachment 4452Attachment 4451Attachment 4449
    I'm located on the Devon / Dorset border.

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    pm sent about scope mounts

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    Chrisc PM replied to
    Regards Ian

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    Nice rifle that, looks like you have apel mounts on as well someone will get a good bit of kit for the money


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    Thanks Stu - It is nice - Brilliant super light well balanced woodland rifle - also great in a high seat when looking after a guest - Not big & clumsy. I've been reluctant to sell it because it handles & shoots so well, but I don't need 2 Stutzens in 30 caliber - do I????. No I need a plakky moderated all weather job for when it's pi***ng down! Plus one Stutzen for big beasties!
    The mounts are original Mannlicher swing off type - That's why I'm swapping them over onto my 30-06 Luxus.

    Regards Ian

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    Grrr - This morning I've just been checking and found that the original Mannlicher swing off mount won't fit onto my 30-06. The receivers are different diameters on my two Mannlicher stutzens!
    So the swing off mount (for 1" or 26mm scopes) will be available for sale with the 308 model L rifle. I'll have to stick with the 30mm fixed rings on my 30-06.

    So the deal just got better for the buyer and I'll need to buy some new rings for the Sauer!

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    Yorric, is this still for sale?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Brian - Yes it's still there.


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    I was rooting through some paperwork today and found the original owners manual that came with the rifle - It will go with the rifle when someone buys it.
    (Any excuse to bump my sale!)


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    Just found the test target - will include it in the sale.

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