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Thread: Disease Testing in Wild Boar

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    Disease Testing in Wild Boar

    I picked up a copy of Sporting Shooter this week (feb issue), it not my usual read but it found it quite good.

    there is an interesting read in there on wild Boar and the testing for a disease called "TRICHINELLA SPIRALIS" wich is done free by the FSA.

    although on the "to do list" i have not been out for Boar so i have (untill now) not herd of this.

    this disease can, so it says kill humans!
    there has been no recorded case in the UK, but i was woundering out of interest if you regular Boar hunters have herd of it and do you test for it?


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    As far as Im aware the Game Dealers test for it.

    I believe it is only from eating under cooked meat.

    Iirc its a intestinal worm.
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    Details here:

    Voluntary scheme for individual hunters, but as GB is trying for status as a region with negligible Trichinella risk it makes sense (IMO) to participate in the free scheme adminstered by the FSA.

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    thanks for the feed back guys,
    i have just had another quick read of the article and it dont mention the Game dealers testing for it but it does say "This is non-mandatory but many game dealers will now not accept a carcass without a certificate proving that it is negative"

    but as Orion has said it makes sense!

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    I asked the very same thing this morning, of IanF, whilst breakfasting,....... a small clipping of diaphragm is taken during gralloch, this is sent off for the test, & is usually completed within 24 hours, no recorded cases are known at present, alongside a comment from my hunting partner, was also that sheep are susceptible/can carry the disease too ??
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    It's nothing a stint in the freezer won't cure.

    Atb Steve

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    Steve, at what level of temperature would you consider any larval stages would be damaged beyond viabillity?, & for how long a period?, F.
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    hi guys, this is from Wikipedia.

    i dont fancy eating the Fox thou !

    Trichinella spiralis is a nematode parasite, occurring in rats, pigs, and humans, and is responsible for the disease trichinosis. It is sometimes referred to as the "pork worm" due to it being found commonly in pork or rat products that are undercooked.

    Trichinella species are the smallest nematode parasite of humans, which has an unusual life cycle and one of the most widespread and clinically important parasites in the world.[1] The small adult worms mature in the intestine of an intermediate host such as a pig. Each adult female produces batches of live larvae, which bore through the intestinal wall, enter the blood (to feed on it) and lymphatic system, and are carried to striated muscle Once in the muscle, they encyst, or become enclosed in a capsule. Humans can be infected by eating infected pork or wild carnivores such as fox, cat or bear.[1]

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    You left out your text??
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