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Thread: Sellier and bellot rifle ammunition

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    Sellier and bellot rifle ammunition

    Anyone out there use and and how do you get on with it? I had a bit of a disaster yesterday with huge fragmentation of the bullet when it stuck the deers rib, luckily still killing the deer but it could have been worse. Anyone else had similar experiences with the ammo?


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    How many deer have you shot with them? Has it happened more than once? I wouldnt worry. My plastic tipped interbond hardly expanded on a roe the other week, i was the same as you, concerned but because there was no report or shot reaction. The entry hit a rib and also on exit, both holes were less than 1'' in diameter. What i would have expected with a bullet hitting a rib is more like the pics you show. If you ask me, your bullet did what it was supposed to.

    Here you have a solid entry and exit, looked in the right area, so the fact the deer ran 100m or so was just unlucky. You could even say normal. I wouldnt change the bullet unless you want less meat damage.

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    A mate swears by it, with his 308. He drops approx 30 deer a year with it.

    He sources his from york guns i think....i gather it's quite inexpensive.

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