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Thread: Top Gear

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    Top Gear

    No not Mr B's hat El Clarkson and crew are on as I type, kool programme Jezza is often seen gardening with his Browning so he is ok as far as I am concerned
    My question is this are all shooters natural petrolheads?
    It does seem that all of us who liked bang sticks love other noisey smelly things 8)

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    You are not wrong legal. I feel the need......the need for speed!!!!

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    cracking viewing leagle,i think little hamster shoots aswell,he should have visited a phesant shoot in are village last season.

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    Sorry to be so unstereotypical Legal but I have bugger all interest in motors, other than get in, turn the key and it goes brrm, brrm and takes me where I want/need to go. Otherwise they are simply another source of stress in my life - and expense.

    That Bentley he had on this evening? Quarter of a million quid? Think how much stalking a quarter of a million could get you - need I say more? As someone posted to me the other day "You need to get your priorities in order!"

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    Gotta agree with bandit. turn key get you to A and B don't need a faxxy magnet to get those beasts in , Don't know why we call em beasts I love em all xxx.!.And before anyone comes up with the Rolf Harris ditty !!! I'm ahead OK!.

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    If its got wheels or tits, its going to give you grief.

    I'm with Bandit. I want a reliable travelling box that will get me to where I need to be in time, without too much strain or pain.

    Clarkson is an example to us all - he is a Beeb employee, but celebrates cars, speed, excitement, the odd gun - how does he get away with it in modern Britain?

    It can't just be viewing figures!

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    I watch top gear avidly, I can`t not watch it, as those guys are getting paid loads of money to just piss about and have fun, god how green with envy am i? I personnally can`t think of a better programme to spend my lisence fee on .

    You can`t really argue with television like that when they are pulling in 8 million viewers can you, whether you like cars or not.

    I think the fact they are test driving 250,000 cars is irrelevant as the majority of people who watch the programme will never be able to afford them anyaway. I think People watch it for the laughs they have, and the tricks and stunts they get up to. I like Jeremy Clarkeson a lot, because he is so controversial and says what he wants without pandering to the left wing lentl eating sandle wearing basket weaving BBC exectutive, plus he`s a yorkshireman like me

    He writes for the Sun in a column and was responsible for giving out the league against cruel sports address, which i might add was free post . The upshot of this was 1000`s of letters arrived a their office with nothing in them but scrap paper, with them having to foot the postage bill. Needless to say, the post office didn`t bill them for the post
    can you imagine the post office writing off something like that for us, i think not.

    As for being a petrol head myself, well i have had my share of sporty cars and have just sold my motocross bike, regretably, and would have a nice car if ever i was lucky enough to get 6 numbers up
    Oh and a large chunk of land where i could invite members of the site to stalk deer


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    JC Regularly turns up on our shoot,

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    Don't want to start off the whole Tikka / Blaser thing again but I think you'll find it was a beretta.

    Beretta ~ undisputed masters of shotgun making!

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