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Thread: Bushwear Panther Package

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    Bushwear Panther Package

    Just arrived back from my trip to Australia and my new stalking toy has arrived

    I bought the Bushwear Panther Package

    For those that own them already, do you find the attached rope suitable to attach the panther to the tree or would you recommend getting a ratchet?



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    Attached rope is O.K. short term I would say but if you are leaving it any length of time I would use a ratchet. Also I found the shooting rail very unsteady but simple remedy was to get two longer pieces of flat bar from local blacksmith to replace the steady bars.

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    ratchet every time

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    I just use the string and haven't had a problem with it although it is a bit short if you're putting it up a big oak etc. I took mine down 2 days ago from in front of a pheasant pen where it's been since the birds cam in in the 1st week of August. I find the shooting rail good as long as the wheel nuts are back as far as they will go towards the tree. The legs are a good addition but it takes a while to put the kit together and isn't the quietest operatipn in the world. They are good if you're away stalking and need a temporary seat for a weekend but I wouldn't go to the hassle of putting the whole kit together just for an outing. The ladder kit on its own is just the job to stalk in and put up for immediate use though.

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    Still waiting for a call

    I bought the package but only seat available. Supposed to be in 22/12 promised phonecall but none came. Need to call and find out why

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    If I was going to attacha panther to a tree I would use a great big length of chain to stop it getting loose!! Joking aside It might be worth using the chain and padlock to stop it getting stolen it does look like an atractive item. I noticed the pikeys round collecting scrap today, it is worth money as that even if it is not to be used as a high seat.

    Good luck what ever you choose.


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    I've left mine out for months at a time. Motorbike chain around tree/branch and D lock around the seat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    I bought the package but only seat available. Supposed to be in 22/12 promised phonecall but none came. Need to call and find out why
    I ordered mine before christmas as well but they were out of stock and then the snow caused issues with getting the items to bushwear to forward on.

    The chap I spoke to on the phone was very helpful and sorted it all out for my return.

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    Mine came with strap and ratchet but that was over 12 months ago. Personally I always use a strap/ratchet and stick a heavy chain with lock round the tree as well so it's still there when i return! This is a good high seat although the rest is a little on the springy side.

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    Bought mine because perminant high seats are taboo. Works a treat but feel it needs the extention to get up the tree a bit. Jim

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