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Thread: Me with a young roe buck

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    Me with a young roe buck

    I used to be a member in a syndicate near Ayr in Scotland and this is the first roe deer i got after passing my DSC1 in 2008.

    I had got into position in the high seat at the edge of a small copse before dawn and loaded my winchester mod70 .308 . Just as it started to become light i saw 3 roe deer moving in the woodland at around 120yds away. Looking at them through my binoculars i could see them but was unable to get a bead on the buck due to the branches of the trees being in the line of fire. I unloaded the .308 and carefully climbed down from the high seat, i could still see the deer using the binos but wasn't happy about the backstop. So i decided to sit and watch them move on through the wood. After losing sight of them i decided to stalk along the inner edge of the wood to see if i could pick up on them further on. Checking the wind direction was ok i set off to stalk the roe deer. After moving around 75yds i spotted the young roe buck feeding around 95yds away, as i was on elevated ground i sat down and looked through the scope. He was unaware of my prescence, the backstop was good and there wasn't any obstructions between me and the buck. I watched him feeding through the scope for 2 minutes until he moved side on to me, i decided then to take the shot. The buck dropped to a good heart/lung shot and the other deer bounded away through the wood. I reloaded and watched the buck through the scope incase a follow up shot was needed, but after 5 minutes he hadn't moved. So i applied the safety catch and approached the buck from down wind, as i got closer i could see he wasn't breathing/moving so i touched his eye with the end of my shooting sticks - no reaction. After unloading the rifle i checked his feet and mouth for blisters and the general condition he was in. All was fine so i sat there for a few minutes looking at him before i carried out the gralloch.

    I felt that i had learned so much doing my DSC1 and then to put it all into practice was fantastic! I think i'll always have good memories of that morning.


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    Great write up, you should use this for your Level 2 portfolio (if not already undertaken)- LOL

    Shame you are about to blow your arm off in the picture- did they not tell you in your Level 1 training to always treat a rifle as loaded even if it isn't and not point it at anyone, especially yourself- safety counts.



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    I noticed that after i took the picture. I had unloaded the rifle but youre right mate! Good point.
    I'll be going for my level 2 soon too.

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    Nice one Sniper, hope the cabinet keeps the guns safe!!!


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    Yep its doing a fantastic job mate!


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