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Thread: Hunting in Sweden 2010

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    Hunting in Sweden 2010

    Given the number of posts by people either going to or interested in going to Sweden to hunt, I thought I'd finally get round to putting up some pictures from the trip that Gadget and I made with our buddy 'Irish Dom' in October. I've already posted some stuff about the trip but thought the pictures might need a bit more blurb. Hopefully the photos look OK, as I'm no photographer!

    We were over there as guests of Pontus Westergren and Per Martin Kling, following their visit over here last spring to stalk Muntjac, lamp a few foxes and experience the excellent sport of driven rabbits (they don't seem to have ferrets in Sweden!).

    Martin is a fanatic boar hunter and is going to be offering moose and boar hunting for paying guests on the vast expanses of forest he has access to in the smorland region of southern Sweden, so we went along to give him our entirely inexpert advice and generally cause havoc in the otherwise well-organised Swedish hunting season.

    Pontus is a old friend of Martin's and is generally noted for his permanent woman trouble, the fact that he is a former boyfriend of the Princess of Sweden, and his wearing of leather trousers. The leather trousers led to him being called Poca-Pontus by the UK contingent, later changed to Poca-princess once Martin's mother (our brilliant hostess and chef for the duration of or stay) had divulged that little nugget from P's history.

    While we were there, we took part in the local community Moose hunts, but rather than stay on the stands with the other guns, we opted to walk with the dogs so that we had a chance of shooting boar too.

    This was excellent but absolutely knackering - the terrain is heavily forested and made up of vast boulders, birch trees and lots of water... The dogs (Russian Laikas and a breed called, I think, something like 'Vissel') are kitted out with GPS rigs and boar jackets - they cover huge distances, working the wind and driving game towards the guns (other than boar, which they pin down, with lots of noise, until one of the walking guns gets there to shoot it or stick it).

    G, having the luck of the devil, pulled off the impossible and took a young bull moose in the 1st hour of the 1st day's hunt!

    It kind of puts Roe sacks and deer sleds into perspective when you have to wait for a bloke with a earth mover to trundle into the forest to pick up your kill - this was only a baby at a mere 200kg+. The gralloch was impressive as the heart was the size of a man's head! These pictures from the larder give you some sense of the size of papa Moose, shot by Martin the week before:

    Last of all, if you think filling your pheasant feeders is a chore, try one of these 'pig-sized' numbers:

    I think Ikea may have missed a trick here, with this little gem of Swedish interior design...

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    Great write up.

    I have got an invite to Sweden for later in the year.

    I hope I enjoy it as much as you guys did. How was getting all the paperwork sorted? Easy?



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    Ross - the paperwork was a pain as it had just been updated.

    You need a Swedish temporary firearms import permit from the Swedish Police Service. This is the form you need to complete and which your host has to sign and submit to the police force nearest to your arrival point:

    You also need to pay 600 Swedish Crowns - about 45 - via bank transfer (my bank charged 15 for this ) for each permit - you can have up to three guns per permit. That has to be sent at least 6-8 weeks before your trip. You will need to send copies of your EFP, FAC and have proof of EU-valid shooting insurance. My NGO cover was no good, so I used Country Cover at 30 for a year, as I was also planning other trips within the year.

    You need a Swedish hunting permit from the Wildlife Service - you get it online from here and it costs about 27, payable by credit card:

    If you hunt in a group, you will be expected to wear some form of hi-vis clothing - a hat or armband is fine.

    Hope that helps.


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    Great photos. Lived and worked over in Sweden about 12 years ago. Lucky to find friends in a local hunting team as they call it. The dogs and terrain remind me of some great days out.

    Wasnt the hassle for me that you had but i bet you still think it was worth the pain.

    I am in Norway now and have picked up a little shooting near the job.

    Love Scandanavia except the cost of Beer!!

    More Pictures if you have some please

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    Thanks for posting up the pic's, Sweden truly is a fantastic country when it comes to hunting, reminds me that I really need to nip over this year for some boar shooting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck View Post
    Love Scandanavia except the cost of Beer!!

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Hmm I'm jealous! You seem to have been there in nice weather! - When I went to Sweden (between Ostersund & the Norwegian border) a few years back, It was deep snow in the woods and we were put in high seats whilst the locals chased their dogs for miles around looking for the elk.
    The high seats were coated in ice and it was blowing about force 6 - Brrrrrr - Wind chill or what!!!. The locals and their dogs were warm enough!
    The elk were semi mythical with only one seen all day!
    The hospitality was great and it was great fun though being driven up single track roads at 60mph on thick ice in a Transit minibus with studded tires.
    We did get to see some elk later when we flew back to civilization in a helicopter. They were easy to see because of the snow cover, but they were well spaced out across the countryside.

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    Nice write up Adam and some great photo's too.

    Speak soon


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    Sweden is absolutely superb for hunting. I have been fortunate to spend quite a lot of time there over the last 10 years or so. The summer Roe buck and Springtime Beaver hunting are my favourites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Terry View Post
    Sweden is absolutely superb for hunting. I have been fortunate to spend quite a lot of time there over the last 10 years or so. The summer Roe buck and Springtime Beaver hunting are my favourites.
    Terry the springtime always makes me feel like a bit of beaver hunting

    Good write up, looks like you had a good time, our guys are over here a week on Friday so be interested to see what the have lined up for us on the return.

    Atb Wayne

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    Speak to Ian about that Wayne!

    You will be expected to provide your own moustache.

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