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Thread: Nice vintage mauser .22 rifle

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    Nice vintage mauser .22 rifle

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    Here we have a very good Mauser .22 sporting rifle with gerard 4x scope in claw lift off mounts.
    The rifle stock has some brusing to wood work and a very small chip to the toe of the stock.It is 5 shot and has a attachement on the end of barrel for a mod.

    if interested send pm.

    375 ono
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    What a great little rifle - would make somebody very happy, but sorry no room on certificate and already have a heavily customised BRNO Mod 2

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    Good lil rifle, siuper engineering. I recently bought a 22l/r from a dealer, it can be changed to a left or right shooter, great idea, & a bargain plinker @ 120 like new !

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    other pics now added.

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    325 all have to go.

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    Hi chrisc

    ​just wondered if you still had the mauser for sale?

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    sorry it went a long time ago

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