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Thread: 9.3mm for a lady ......

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    9.3mm for a lady ......

    Since Mrs Rogwad is occasionally partial to the odd wild boar, and I have a slot for a 9.3mm, I have been pondering the choice for something not tooo heavy but heavy enough to soak up the recoil. She will only be shooting it on the actual driven stuff and using her .308W for practice. So, I am edging towards a Mannlicher Classic Full Stock in 9.3 x 62. Probably will use the 250gr bullet, which should dampen recoil a bit? It also would mirror her .308 Steyr-M Mountain rifle, so we won't have confusion over those safety catch thingies.

    Comments, suggestions?

    Unfortunately she won't use one of the stable of Blasers 'cos the cocking mecanism is 1) too heavy and fiddly 2) does damage to fingernails .......
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    Have you looked at the Steyr Luxus ?
    She could have a .308 barrel for general use and put the 9.3 on it when needed for bigger stuff.
    I have one and have a .243 for general use and put a 30-06 barrel on it when required for something larger.

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    If you handload then may I suggest you look at the Norma 232 grin bullets or the RWS Cone Point. Both are 9.3mm.

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    How about a 9.3x57? Brass is easy enough to make and in a good rifle, it can approximate original X62 loads with the heaviest bullets.~Muir

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