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Thread: woodland stalker intro

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    woodland stalker intro

    new to e/mails internet etc but have thirty years experience as profesional keeper/stalker and am allways keen to help and talk to other stalkers , and i realy need more practice on this key pad its taken me ages totype this.

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    Welcome to the site woodland stalker. You will be able to get lots of keyboard practice on here and i am sure you will have lot's to offer

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    Woodland stalker- welcome to the site and hope you are able to pass on some of your 30 yrs experience to us novices
    ATB Andy

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    Welcome to the site Woodland Stalker, looks like you bring a wealth of experience with you! We've been a bit under represented on here in the South West in the past but there are quite a few of us here now.


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    Welcome Woodland stalker nice to see someone else from somerset

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    Good to hear from a fellow keeper , ive been at it for 28 years

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    Hi Woodland Stalker, Welcome to SD. I'm sure you'll get plenty of keyboard practice now you're a member.

    Best regards

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer Services

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    woodland stalker welcome from another somerset member
    regards pete .

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    Hi woodland stalker. Firstly you're very welcome and secondly, where are you in Somerset? I am a Dorset boy and it's nice to see someone else close by and perhaps the chance of meeting up.
    All the best

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    hi scooby565 thanks for the contact i am close to the devon/somerset border in the blackdown hills , i get across to dorset quite a bit as i manage some woodland blocks just over the border near charmouth so keep in touch . good hunting , brian

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