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Thread: Hello From A New Member

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    Hello From A New Member

    Hi All

    Just a quick post to introduce myself, my name is Wayne and I live in South Yorkshire and have been shooting now for 22 years.

    I have only shot Foxes up to now round where I live.

    I am in a few local game shooting syndicates, all of which have deer on them.

    I am planning on doing my DSC Level 1 this year so I can start travelling further afield.

    Any advice would be welcome ! ;o)



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    Hi Wayne,

    Welcome to SD. You have come to the right place for everything deer!

    Please give us a shout if we can help in any way, deer stalking DSCL1 & 2 training, or anything else deer!

    Best regards

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer Services

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