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Thread: Hello, newbie

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    Hello, newbie

    Evening all. Following the rules and introducing myself.

    I've had an air rifle since I was a child and did some clay pigeon shooting 8-10 years ago, but applied for my SGC and FAC a couple of years ago. Started on the clays and do a bit, but find shooting living things more enjoyable. Have done an odd day with a local syndicate and do a bit of rough shooting. I have a .22RF and a .17HMR that I bother bunnies with and enjoy that. Tend to be a loan lamper.

    Joined here a while ago too look around. Seems a knowledgeable place. Never have shot a deer [other than those involved in RTA's] but tempted to try it, as so far all the bits of shooting I do I enjoy. I just need more money and time!

    I live in the Yorkshire Dales and spend free time when not killing fury things playing on the Internet [number of forums, I moderate one], watch a lot of TV, woodturning & DIY, walking the dog [Patterdale] and I'm a member of my local Round Table.

    Phew, sure you are bored of hearing about me, but it does say I have to introduce myself and I hope the banner [^^^] will now go!

    [same username on Pigeon Watch and AirgunBBS]

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    Hi Apache, welcome to SD. You are in the right place for everything deer.

    Best regards

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer Services

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