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Thread: Respect of quarry

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    Respect of quarry

    How do we all feel about what we do........

    Tonight I just listened to a dog fox calling for his vixen, his crys in vein for they would be unanswered due to me and it made me think with pangs of regret.
    Every shot I take is taken with the ultimate goal of producing a humane kill which produces no suffering, but no matter what the quarry full respect for producing that goal is always there.
    I wont bull myself up because there are those on this site who have many more years at the game than me with my meagre 22 years but I still feel for every deer,fox etc which falls to my hand.
    I dont think im wrong in admiring the beauty of a Roe buck in full summer coat or a vixen in winter pelage and to be honest I think I would be just as happy spending my days just observing them.
    So I guess what im trying to say is that anyone out there who has no respect or remorse for what we do, think is this right for you.

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    I often look at animals I've shot and think what the F*** have I shot that for!??
    Especially on the most glorious day when it is just a joy to be out in the countryside and everything seems just perfect, then, one shot later it all comes crashing down to reality, and why you are part of it!
    It is difficult to get your head around at times I must admit.
    But, I know that the job of wildlife management needs to be done, and if the likes of myself and youself didn't do it in the most humane and respectful way possible, then some other **** would do it with a lamp and a shotgun!
    It is good that you feel the passion that you do for wildlife! Never let go of it!!
    You are doing a fine job.

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    cockerdog i think you are doing yourself an injustice, With 3 foxes bagged last night i bet the local fox population wishes you rather just observed as well !
    But when you have a job to do that comes first - i bet the fox wished he had

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    When you stop feeling the way that you do stop shooting.

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    Always want a clean kill but could never feel sorry for charlie or any predators for that matter (stoat mink etc.)
    Shot so many pigeons and crows rabbits etc, never feel bad.
    Numb now I guess.
    Culling does and kids gets me.

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    Its funny I hardly ever shoot a fox unless its bothering my chickens or a mate's geese or whatever- I often see them and I can't bring myself to do it- seems a waste unless I'm going to eat it, so without very good reason, I don't. Call me a wuss or whatever but there it is.

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    I always feel a pang of regret when I have to pop an urban fox that Ive trapped, its very personal at near as make no odds point blank...But when out today I sat and watched 2 foxes about 4ish, I didnt shoot either as the farmer likes seeing them around, I do if asked (or paid). Saying that I feel no regret when popping rats, grey squirrels or mink caught in cage traps, that said I always make sure its done correctly.....My wife when asked "How can he bring himself to kill them?" by a friend I was trapping foxes for that were ****ing on her patio every night replied she would rather I was doing it as she knew it would be done properly than some monkey wannabe pestie
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    Sorry about this but have had alovley afternoon at the theater royle watching the st. petersburge ballet do sleeping buety and then done a bottle of port. There is nothing pretty about a dead animal. I take the camara as often as the rifle now. However there is nothing wrong with one either its nature and we are part of it. If we do not care then we should stop. You have to look at the bigger picture. You can not be worried unduly about "an" animal but you should worry about the speicies as a whole. This is real conservation not the picture book stuff.

    You have to be cruel to be kind is the truest saying. You know whats right and thats what you have to make your diccitions on. I dont think I spelt that right.


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    Couldnt agree more,whatever you shoot you have taken its life to provide you with sport,I Bollocked ayoung man the other day for just throwing some pheasants into the back of the game cart,NO respect, bet he doesnt do it again,

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    I personally feel that we should all respect the quarry we shoot what ever it is. Shooters I know on the whole show more respect and appreciation for the wildlife around them than non shooting members of the public.

    regards Jon

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