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Thread: 6.5 factory bullet suggestions??

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    6.5 factory bullet suggestions??

    I am looking for a cheaper alternative to the 6.5*55 RWS DK 140 Gr bullet that I am using through my Blaser. I was looking at the Norma Nosler Partition, any comments on this bullet? Are any of the American munition producers offering any decent alternatives. I am going to try the 120 Gr Nosler BST from Norma and see how it works on Reds. Might be a bit light for chest shots. Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Thanks lads.

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    All the stalking I've ever done has been at red hinds on the hill, and I have found the 120gr BTs loaded by Norma work very well with chest shots. Some might dislike the risk of occasional meat-trauma, but I've never had a deer go far after being hit, and you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs.
    Are they really cheaper than the RWS 140gr DKs? Last time I bought them, I think they cost the same, or perhaps a little more.

    There are some old threads on 6.5x55 factory loads which might be worth searching for.
    My summarised experience:
    1. American loads tend to be rather slow
    2. Norma Nosler Partition 140gr only make 2550fps from my rifle, and whether for that reason or because the bullet it just too solid for the quarry, expansion on hill hinds was not very good.
    3. My 21-ish" barreled Finnlight 75 gives markedly lower velocities than those quoted on the packets (usually tested with 24" barrel)

    Of the stuff I've tried
    Remington, Federal, S&B and Privi gave inadequate accuracy in my rifle.
    RWS 127gr I found too slow for the bullet weight
    Norma 140gr didn't open enough for my liking

    I therefore use Norma 120gr, and RWS 140gr DK where BTs are unwelcome.

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    I use 120 Pro hunters in my 6.5 and the results are superb...shoots like a match bullet and when it connects it does what it should with hardly any meat damage. I have also started reloading 125 grain Nos Partitions to use on bigger deer b but as yet havent shot any with them...though I can say they are very accurate too. I used to use 140 grain but found they dropped .

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    My best friend works 120gBT normas and loves them,fine for roe and red,I reload nosler 120BTs and they are hunky dory for my needs,not too much damage either,any bullet can cause more damage if it hits the shoulder on way in or exit.I used to use a 6.5x68 so I know about damage
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    Nosler Partitions are really good bullets for deer. They open quickly because of the lead tip and the jacket is relatively thin at the tip, but they hold together well for deep penetration when needed. If the Norma loads are using the 140gr 6.5mm bullet it should be a great combination if it shoots accurately in your rifle.

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