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Thread: Happy Birthday.....

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    Happy Birthday.....

    To Andy (tika.308) for tomorrow 22nd jan.

    All the best mate and i must say you are looking well for 52, must be those easy jobs and lack of paper rounds you`ve had in your life.

    ATB buddy


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    Happy Birthday Andy!

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    Have a good one Andy, must agree with wadas you do look good for 52. Not sure about the paper round i think it has something to do with getting other people to carry all those deer you shoot

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    Happy Birthday Andy - I'm surprised I thought you were much older than me.

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    Would you believe I forgot, and all those times you reminded me as well!!

    Take no notice of the tea drinker, I think you are doing alright for your age considering, all that "graft" and intel gathering would ruin most men

    Happy birthday mate

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    thanks guys, wadas its the 23rd today and for the record im the big 40 today not 52 mind you after crawling in at 3am this morning i know how you lot feel everyday

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    Happy birthday Andy,40 good age make the most of it it's all down hill from here on in.
    ATB Neil.

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    ha ha, Many happy returns! Now you are Senior Guide by name AND by nature!


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    Alex you sound more like the old boy of the north everyday thanks neil cant wait

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    I had hair at 40, still have it at 54, other bits on the bodywork are not doing so good, but as least I still have my good looks ehh Andy

    A belated happy birthday "Head Guide" sorry I was not able to wish you it on the day but I was busy sorting out some Roe doe's.
    Catch up with you in a couple of weeks, get practicing

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