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Thread: Nickel Cases

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    Nickel Cases

    I have some.243 Winchester Nickel Cases that where lying in a drawer, thinking about using them for reloading.

    Just wondering if they will be any good for reloading.


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    I used nickel coated 38 special pistol cases for years with no problems. Full length resized after every shot. I have some 243 and 308 nickel cased rounds, Winchester supreme I think, which I intend to try and reload when I have fired them. I would be interested to know if anyone has seen any problems with full length sizing nickel coated of rifle cases.

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    I was given a couple of twenty boxes of 'empties' when I bought the Sako .270. They were actually nickel plated brass. They lasted for ages, were easy to clean and trim, gave easy extraction, were easy to see in grass or heather.
    I'd give them top marks.

    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    Perfectly ok for reloading never had any problems reloading nickle cases in .270 + .308 they dont move much so i only neck size once fired in my rifle !

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    I have had two problems with nickle plated cases: Tight primer pockets and reduced case expansion. These were in Federal .222 Match cases and some 8x57 Remington cases. If these things are accounted for then there is no problem with nickle cases. I use nickle pistol cases all the time.~Muir

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