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Thread: Hello anyone from Norfolk

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    Hello anyone from Norfolk

    Just found this forum looks good, a bit about me . Well just another rifle nut really. I do alot of foxing, lamping and nightvision. I run a walk and stand shoot near Aylsham. I do a bit of stalking and long range rifle shooting, my favourite weapon at the minute is a 300wm unique alpine ( how I love that gun ) I do alot of reloading . I don,t confess to be an expert but always willing to show anyone wanting to start, whats it all about. Oh and I make really nice kitchens for a living if anyone wants one.

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    Welcome dorg
    Do you ever get down to the Thetford range at all, Did F class with the Artists at Bisley good places to reach out with the unique alpine ,I have owned for a long time the Winchester custom shop Sharpshooter in 300wm and it does every thing it says on the box . Enjoy the forum .

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    Hello Dorg, I am from Norfolk (Hickling) but have been living in Liverpool for the past 12 years. I too have just joined this forum and posted an introduction just above yours.
    I get back to the home land three or four times a year and stay near Gt Yarmouth. I have been looking for stalking back home for over a year now and would love to set up a syndicate there at some point. Could you advise on any stalking opportunites in the area for the next time i visit?

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