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Thread: Swavorski 8.5x42 EL

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    Swavorski 8.5x42 EL

    I have finally decided to treat myself to a pair of EL's.

    Unfortunately the price increase as of July 1st has made the retail of 1159.00 a bit of a choker!

    Does anybody know of a dealer in the UK where I would be able to get a competitive price? Ideally in 3 figures not 4!

    Many Thanks


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    Some of the keenest prices I have seen on the market for all Swaro optics are from Uttings. Put the name in google and they will come up. They even offer 'terms'.

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    Ben, Try Here you may well get a deal if you haggle a bit


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    Try London Camera Exchange, they will meet advertised prices, even if they are grey imports.

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    Hi Ben,
    If you look at the ukvarmining website in the For Sale section, someone is selling these very bins.
    I have a pair and they are superb!.

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    Thank you to everyone who has helped me track down the best UK deal on 8.5x42 Swavorski ELs.
    The best deal by a country mile was R.Macleods in Tain, many thanks Gregor.
    All the best

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    How much did you get them for in the end?

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    Doesn`t matter how much he paid for them he`s bought the best.
    Buy the best then you only got to buy it once.

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