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Thread: Zeiss Ret 69 How do you find it

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    Zeiss Ret 69 How do you find it

    Anyone use the Zeiss 69 Reticule and how do they find it?



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    hi my names craig i have a sako 75 and its the best rifle ever. dont even bother looking at a zeiss!! i have a swarovski and because i have it its the best!!!!!!!!!!!! i am amazing at shooting foxes and roe and i know everything there is to know about them!! thank yoy

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    Oh no nobber alert.

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    No, i know Sako Craig and he really can do everything but he is a master of solo-sex!

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    Sounds like he lives life to the MAX!!!!!!!

    PEPSI MAX That is!!!!!!!

    Rgds. Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    So has anyone use it then? It says it's in first and second image plane heres the link about it:

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