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Thread: level 2

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    level 2

    Right guys as a few of you have seen im a bit older today now the other half has said she is going to pay for me to register for my level 2 . just a couple of things i see theres a few places you can sign up with but do you have to be a member of say basc or bds to register with them? and does there seem to be a prefered body to sign up with?
    thanks Andy

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    Register with the cheapest assessment centre because getting the portfolio is the important bit and it's just the same from any centre. After that you collect the evidence and once complete send it back to the centre for checking.

    Phone the assessment centres on the DMQ website to see who's cheapest for a level 2 registration.
    DMQ - Assessment Centres for DSC1 and DSC2

    ps good luck!

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    Register with the Barony Collage Rachael is as nice as they come and its the best to deal with IMHO

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    Good on Dawn for that mate, glad to hear you`ve decided to go for it. Like me and Malc said, we`ll help you best we can to get through it, and it will make life a whole lot easier for you won`t it mate.


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    Rach is lovely... this is true

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    Another vote for Barony College

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    Did my level 1 at Barony College very good but some years ago now !!

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    Oh, your taking it serious then, this stalking lark

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    Oh, your taking it serious then, this stalking lark

    He has to do being senior guide now John.


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    I've just signed up with BASC. I perhaps naively assumed that there wasn't much in it between the different centres. I found it difficult to find out much about Level II without signing up for it, which is why I did.

    I'll be interested to here how you get on with it and if I come across any tips I'll pass them on.



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